Volunteer Opportunites

Puppy Socializers

Puppy Socializers and Sitters take a puppy for a few days to a couple of weeks for focused socialization or when a Puppy Raiser or Trainer is away.

Puppy Raisers

Puppy Raisers take a puppy for the first 12-18 months of the dog's training. The focus is on solid foundations, socialization, guided outings, obedience, manners, and leash skills. Puppy Raisers ensure the puppy is able to continue on to advanced training. Puppy Raisers will attend 2-4 training sessions a month either as part of a group or with a Trainer.


Trainers take the Service Dog in Training for the final phases of it's training. They build off of the foundations and learn to train advanced tasks and Service Dog skills. They attend 2-4 training sessions a month with a group or Instructor. They are responsible for Public Access Training. Some Trainers will become mentors and assist the Raisers between sessions. Trainers do not need Service Dog experience, but should meet our minimum expectations.


Instructors teach group and private lessons to the Puppy Raisers and Trainers. They also assist with the team training once a client receives their Service Dog. Instructors oversee the Trainers and act as mentors to ensure each Service Dog in Training reaches it's full potential. Instructors have an advanced skill set but are not expected to have Service Dog knowledge. They must be well versed in Clicker Training, shaping, and have a wide skill set.

Client Support Staff

Comprised of medical professionals, and other volunteers who have direct contact with clients and their files. 

We are always looking for client focused individuals to join our Client Support Team.

Fundraising and Events

Responsible for fundraising, sponsorship, and events. These volunteers may attend events, source donations, organize fundraisers, and sell merchandise.

Commitment and Requirements

Volunteers must abide by our Code of Conduct, Confidentiality Agreement, and other Regulations and Policies. Each commitment has different time commitments. We have positions that may suit different lifestyles. Any position that requires caring for a dog has a more involved commitment requirement. Many of these requirements can be done around your schedule.

Volunteers must have reliable transportation to fulfill their requirements. 

We do not have a permanent location. Meetings and sessions may be around Halifax and surrounding areas. We currently train in Hammonds Plains, NS.

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